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Lizzie & Mark

We absolutely struck gold when booking Danni as our wedding photographer - she was simply amazing. From day one she put us at ease (my husband - and you wouldn't know this from the final shots - wasn't a fan of having his picture taken), our engagement shoot not only allowed for us to get used to the camera and see the style that Danni shoots in, but also provided us with some stunning pictures that are now all over our house! 


I couldn't stress strongly enough how fantastic it was to not worry about how the photos on our big day would turn out. She captures the most beautiful moments, and every single person in the room ended up enjoying the day, rather than feeling the pressure themselves to get a good picture on their phones. 

The website login has also been a dream as it has meant that we can share the password with all the guests so they can take the images they want, rather than having to transfer big files and find out everyone's email addresses.Danni, thank you so much! You've allowed us to remember every special moment of our precious day forever with the most gorgeous pictures!! 

Emma & Daniel

Wow. Just wow. Thank you so much Danni. We were so excited when your package arrived and were simply blown away by the love and attention you've put into it. The photos are wonderful and the prints are beautiful. We must have gone through them a dozen times already. You really have gone above and beyond.

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